Your help in getting finance for the business was invaluable.

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For the successful running of your business, it is crucial that you understand your cash position. This means knowing not just what is in your bank account today, but what it is likely to look like in the coming weeks and months. If you know this, then you can take action in advance and avoid potentially costly problems.

While this is easily said, it is harder to do and is something that is beyond the average bookkeeper. The skills and expertise of a senior accountant is then required.

Our Part Time CFO services help business with Cashflow forecasting for various purposes.

  • We provide cashflow forecasts on a week to week basis for the upcoming 3 months
  • We prepare detailed 3 way cashflow forecasts required by banks for finance applications

Based on these reports we can analyse, discuss and recommend action, including talking to the bank about finance (which we can do on your behalf)

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