A little bit about our process

At In Financial Control, we believe it’s important that our clients are confident in our approach, satisfied with the quality of work we deliver and assured in the advice we offer. In just 3 easy steps, we’ll take your business to the next level.

  1. Assessment

    Getting to know us – Getting to know you

    The decision whether or not to take on a Part Time CFO can be a difficult one – you want to get it right. At In Financial Control, we want you to feel comfortable working with our Part Time CFO’s and to convince you that they have the skills to solve your business issues.

    In Financial Control is offering all prospective new clients a Customer Satisfaction guarantee which takes the risk out of taking on a Part Time CFO. It works like this - an initial Assessment Meeting is arranged where we discuss with you the most pressing issues you feel your business is currently facing. We offer you potential solutions to those problems. We then spend up to a day in your offices actively addressing and solving the matter you’d most like us to tackle.

    By the end of the day’s work, we believe you will be convinced that having the services of a Part Time CFO is the right thing for your business. If you are not completely satisfied with our performance, we will not charge you for the day’s work we have provided and there is no ongoing commitment to us.

  2. Develop a Reporting Package

    Using the information we have gained from the initial business assessment, a reporting package, specifically tailored to your business and its needs (i.e. growth, obtaining finance, improved reporting, improving profit margins) is established.

    The reporting package will include:

    • Balance sheet with all accounts fully reconciled
    • Detailed profit and loss reports with comparison against budget
    • The development of forward looking reports which include sales forecasts and cashflow forecasts
    • Reports designed specifically to meet your business requirements
    • Consultation to ensure that you are familiar with reports produced and that the numbers being reported are understood by relevant personnel

    Our experience has shown that it takes about 2-3 months to establish the necessary reporting. The end result from this stage is a set of management reports that allow key business decisions to be made based on accurate numbers.

  3. CFO services

    Once the reporting package is in place and operating effectively, regular meetings with your CFO are required (these can be either fortnightly, monthly or quarterly).

    It is during this ongoing service period that your part time CFO will really add value to your business. As our relationship with your business grows, so too does our understanding of your business.

    By recognizing your drivers for success, we can help you achieve results by:

    • Interpreting the numbers and making recommendations to improve profitability
    • Managing cashflow
    • Helping business growth without all the growing pains
    • Planning for the future and guiding you through the peaks and troughs that accompany business activity
    • Identifying changes in market conditions early thus allowing you to take action early
    • Helping you to obtain business finance where necessary
    • Ensuring business systems and processes are efficient
    • Preparing your business for venture capital if necessary
    • Helping you to move into new geographic markets
    • Helping you to determine prices and appropriate profit margins

    These services are charged as a set fee per month. This makes it easier for you to budget and avoid unwanted surprises.