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PageUp People

PageUp People

PageUp People is a fast growing recruitment and talent management software company. Their rapid growth earned them a place in BRW’s fast growing companies listing.

With only a bookkeeper in charge of the company finances at that time, senior accounting and finance expertise was urgently needed. The appointment of an In Financial Control Part Time CFO advanced the finance function of PageUp People with immediate results:

  • The accounts moved from simple cash based accounting to detailed accrual accounting.
  • Forward looking reports including upcoming 3 month cash forecast and sales forecasts were introduced.
  • Establishment of the administration and management of a US and UK subsidiary.
  • Restructuring of pricing tables so that revenue analysis can be done by different software products sold.
  • Preparation of documentation and reports for finance and potential investors.
  • Setting up of detailed management reports for all companies in the group along with reporting key metrics in the business.
Stealth bikes

Stealth Bikes

Stealth Electric Bikes is an up and coming business that has developed electric powered mountain bikes capable of reaching speeds in excess of 50 km/hr. Recently the company has attracted significant venture capital but the management reporting at that time was not sufficient to meet investor requirements.

CFO services were engaged to help with this situation, and results were quickly achieved, including:

  • Establishment of a base for the existing reports by ensuring all balance sheet accounts were fully reconciled and that the profit and loss accounts reflected the requirements of the business.
  • Development of a management reporting pack which included profit and loss, balance sheet and management dashboard for key business metrics (including order taken, units shipped and cost of manufacture for each of the bike type sold).
  • Introduction of a stock management system and bills of material for production and stock management.
  • Development of cash flow forecasts for working capital management.
Berringa Honey

Berringa Honey

Berringa Honey sells honey not only for food but also for the medicinal properties of one of its main products, super manuka honey. Honey is sold all over the world and buying and selling large quantities of it requires careful cash management.

Buying and financing stock purchases in advance of sales is a crucial aspect to Berringa Honey’s business activities. In Financial Control’s Part Time CFO services assist Berringa Honey with their working capital management and when the need arises deals with the bank to arrange finance. To achieve this we have introduced the following reporting –

  • Cashflow forecasting for the upcoming 3 months.
  • Dashboard reporting of current debtors and creditors balances along with sales forecasts for the upcoming 3 months.
  • Analysis of sales by customer and geographic region for export market development grants.
  • Breakeven and sales margin analysis which can be used to determine product pricing.
  • Finance applications and reporting to financiers with a set of management accounts, budgets and forecasts.